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7 Very Affordable Cars Under $16,000

Car Buying Advice

7 Very Affordable Cars Under $16,000

Kia-SoulKia Soul via Wikimedia Commons

5. Kia Soul

With a base price of just $14,700, the Kia Soul serves up plenty of attitude at a bargain price. According to Kia, about 115,000 Souls sell each year, which is a testament to the vehicle’s excellent value. Unlike some other subcompact vehicles, the Soul has plenty of room in the front and rear seats, plus the controls are user friendly and the interior overall is good-looking. Kia redesigned the Soul wagon for the 2014 model year, giving it a smoother overall ride and more low-end power for better city driving. Buyers can option to have 18-inch wheels installed, making the ultimate fashion statement.

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