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7 Very Affordable Cars Under $16,000

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7 Very Affordable Cars Under $16,000

Ford Fiesta(Ford Fiesta via Wikimedia Commons)

If you have a small budget yet you want to purchase a new car, there are plenty of high-quality options. With the explosion of subcompact cars in the automotive market, these small cars offer an excellent value for your money. Most are so small you can easily park them in tight urban spots, and they have highly efficient engines, making them even more affordable to own.

Following is a list of seven cars that carry an MSRP or sticker price under $16,000. Each car on the list comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Since everyone has a different driving style and comfort preferences, the best way to select one from the list is to go and test out as many as you can. Take your time trying out the different features on each car so you can get a clear picture of which one will be the most enjoyable to own long-term.

1. Ford Fiesta

Few cars under $16,000 are quite as fun to drive as the Fiesta, which provides a tight European feel that lends itself well to anyone who likes to be a little aggressive during their daily commute. The build quality on both the exterior and interior is top-notch, matching what you would find on much more expensive and larger vehicles. Ford includes an impressive list of standard features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, seven airbags and an excellent iPod interface. The estimated fuel economy is 33 mpg combined, making the small car quite affordable to drive all over. Buyers get all of this for a base price of just $14,795.

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