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7 of the Nicest 35 MPG+ Cars for 2015

(Credit: © Mercedes-Benz)

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7 of the Nicest 35 MPG+ Cars for 2015

Since luxury cars have been traditionally aimed at buyers with higher disposable incomes, fuel economy typically played second fiddle to luxury and performance. But with gas constantly rising in price and the Corporate Average Fuel Economy requirements looming, even luxury manufacturers are starting to focus on milking every last mile from each gallon of fuel.

In the attempt to increase fuel economy, each manufacturer has taken their own route. Some luxury automakers have taken the clean-diesel route and had great success, like Audi, while others have decided to take the hybrid route to help increase fuel economy. Some have even gone the way of full-electric power with a gasoline generator backing it up. The jury is still out on which system will eventually win out, but each one has its own benefits and drawbacks.

To help thrifty buyers find premium cars with the highest fuel economy ratings, we’ve put together a list of the seven nicest cars with fuel economy ratings higher than 35 mpg.

1. 2015 BMW 328d

2015 BMW 328d Sedan

2015 BMW 328d Sedan (Credit: © BMW)

Diesel power seems to get little to no love in the U.S. while it continues to be a hot seller in Europe, mostly because we don’t have nearly as high of fuel prices as Europe, and the idea of a comfortable and quiet diesel engine is still a novelty here. However, as prices of gasoline continue to creep up each and every year, diesel power will become a legitimate alternative to EVs and hybrids, and the BMW 328d is one of the nicest options available.

Not only do you get up to 45 mpg on the highway, but the 328d also delivers a respectable 7.2-second jaunt to 60 mph, top-notch build quality, tons of standard features, an option list filled with all sorts of premium goodies and a base price of $39,000. Additionally, it is also available with all-wheel drive and as a wagon.

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