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7 Insanely Fun-to-drive 2013 Cars

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7 Insanely Fun-to-drive 2013 Cars


6. 2013 Ford Mustang

It might irk the Camaro and Challenger enthusiasts, but Ford’s iconic pony car will put a huge smile on any driver’s face. Even if you only get the base V6 engine, you still receive a healthy serving of horsepower and torque. Opting for the GT’s V8 engine puts under your control a borderline insane amount of performance ability. Despite the Mustang’s solid rear axle, the car handles like a dream through curves and it swallows up bumps so the driver can concentrate on having fun behind the wheel. Going for the Boss 302 unhinges the Mustang, turning it into a fierce track car that will keep you on your toes every moment you are behind the wheel.

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