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10 of the Most Tough SUV’s for 2014

(Credit: © Jeep)

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10 of the Most Tough SUV’s for 2014

2014 Chevrolet Suburban

2014 Chevrolet Suburban (Credit: © General Motors)

3. Chevrolet Suburban

Even though the current generation of the Suburban is singing its swan song, there’s no denying the behemoth SUV is a tough machine. The only engine available is a 5.3-liter V8 that produces a respectable 320 horsepower and 335 lb.-ft. of torque. If you need your Suburban to work hard, go for the LTZ model with four-wheel drive. Chevrolet does off four-wheel drive with a single-speed transfer case, stripping the SUV of low-end gears that are useful in tough conditions like deep snow or mud. If you need an SUV that can really tow, the Suburban can handled up to 8,100 pounds. Unfortunately, much of the vehicle’s potential is utterly wasted by many owners who relegate their Suburban to shopping mall runs and trips to Sam’s Club.

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