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Would You Pay $90K for a Race-Ready Civic Type R?

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Would You Pay $90K for a Race-Ready Civic Type R?

Honda is hard at work building a racing following around its 10th generation turbocharged Civic. No, we’re not talking about fart-pipe-installing, camber-screwing, massive-wing-installing, “VTEC kicked in, bro” wannabes. We mean legit, licensed racers. Today, Honda added a new $90,000 wrinkle into its existing Civic TC lineup, which already includes the Civic Si TCA and Civic Type R TCR. Meet the Civic Type R TC.

At $89,900, the Civic Type R TC will split the $52,500 Civic Si TCA and the $172,238 Type R TCR.

Eligible for SRO TC Americas Touring Car competition, the Civic Type R TC will boast the production 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with its anywhere from 270 to 330 horsepower, depending on the series. This engine will gain a Honda Performance Development radiator and auxiliary oil coolers, HPD cooling ducts, upgraded direct injection, am HPB/Borla downpipe and exhaust, HPD-enhanced third and fourth gears in the OEM transmission, an HPD Cusco limited-slip differential, and more.

The Chassis will include serious upgrades with its HPD/Bilstein inverted double-adjustable dampers, Eibach race springs, HPD front camber and caster plates, HPD/SPC rear camber adjustment, HPD/RV6 rear adjustable stabilizer bar, spherical suspension bushings and damper mounts, upgraded HPD/RV6 rear lower arms, and 18-by-9.5-inch Forgestar F14 cast-aluminum wheels.

The brakes also get healthy upgrades with Brembo four-piston calipers gripping HPD Girodisk two-piece front rotors, HPD Goodridge front and rear braided brake lines, an HPD ABS Modulator, and HPD brake cooling inlet ducts.

On the outside, this rig is fully race-ready with its high-flow front grille, J’s Racing FRP vented hood, and HPD APR adjustable rear wing. Inside, it’s got all the racing bits, including a quick-disconnect wheel, a welded multipoint roll cage, and an OMP racing seat, six-point harness, window and center nets and onboard fire control system.

You can order your Civic Type R TC directly from Honda Performance Development now. And, no, it is not street legal.

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