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Workhorse Might Open Electrified Pickup Sales To Consumers

(Credit: Workhorse )

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Workhorse Might Open Electrified Pickup Sales To Consumers

The first electrified pickup, or at least the first one designed to be electrified, has generated tons of excitement. At first, Workhorse planned on making the W-15 a commercial-only light truck, but it seems things might change.

If you go to Workhorse’s site, at the bottom is a banner you can click on if you’re a consumer and are interested in buying the W-15. The link doesn’t let you order one – yet. Instead, it gets your info to help Workhorse gauge interest.

It sounds like if enough consumers want to get their hands on the W-15, orders might be opened to the average Joe. For now, the truck is aimed at fleets and other commercial applications, with Ryder set to take care of distribution and servicing.

As a refresher, the Workhorse W-15 has two electric motors – one for each axle. That makes it an all-wheel-drive truck. Top output is 460 horsepower. The pickup can go up to 80 miles on a single charge, but an onboard gasoline-powered range extender means you can go up to 310 miles without stopping. The W-15 can tow up to 5,000 pounds, plus can handle 2,200 pounds in the payload.

Again, if you want a W-15 to park in your own driveway, let Workhorse know though the company’s website.

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