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Toyota Corolla Hot Hatch Rumored

2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback XSE

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Toyota Corolla Hot Hatch Rumored

You’ve probably heard all about the Toyota Yaris GR that will be offered to European enthusiasts. Maybe you’ve been upset that the company has forgotten the U.S., but it seems that’s not the case at all. There’s been some rumors flying around but a recent report from Car and Driver claims to have special insider information confirming the Toyota Corolla GR is indeed coming.

That means we’ll also have a hot hatch, just as we lost the Ford Focus RS. Happy days!

This would be a Gazoo Racing model, which is Toyota’s growing performance nameplate. Supposedly, under the hood will be the same turbo 1.6-liter three-cylinder used in the Yaris GR, so we’d be possibly getting a little bit superior car.

If this is true, this means the Toyota Corolla could be transformed into a snarling, fire-breathing rally racer for the road. It’s not clear if it would gain all-wheel drive like the Yaris GR, but considering how Toyota has been expanding that to model lines like the Camry and Avalon, it’s possible.

Power output would be about 257 horsepower and 266 lb.-ft. of torque, stout figures for such a small car. Supposedly the Toyota Corolla GR will be a 2022 model and should sell for somewhere around $30,000. We’ll see if any of this hits the mark soon enough, so stay tuned.

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