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The Ferrari SUV Has Been Officially Confirmed

(Credit: © Ferrari )

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The Ferrari SUV Has Been Officially Confirmed

Yes, it’s not just a rumor: Ferrari is working on an SUV. Call it a crossover, if you must, but it’s coming and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari’s CEO who famously said someone would have to shoot him before the brand ever makes an SUV, confirmed that the rumor is true, per a Bloomberg report.

Let’s be honest, this thing won’t be a Land Cruiser by any stretch of the imagination. It’ll probably never see dirt, but will be familiar with country clubs.

Sure, the Italians will try to spin this as a thoroughbred SUV. They might not even use the term “SUV” just like BMW, which is still somewhat in denial. But it will sell some sort of tall vehicle with a higher ground clearance, plus an engine in the front. All that rear cargo will be great for moving a Boca do Lobo dresser from one estate to another.

Really, it all comes down to money, of course. The demand from Ferrari customers is there, Ferrari can make a huge wad of cash off an SUV, so it’s going to make one. I wonder what kind of criteria the brand will use to determine who’s good enough to own its SUV.

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