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The Dodge Demon Won’t Return for 2019

(Credit: Dodge )

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The Dodge Demon Won’t Return for 2019

If you really have your heart set on buying a new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, it’s now or never. Dodge said only 3,300 would be made, and that wasn’t just an idle threat. Thanks to, we know that after 2018 the Demon is history.

Tom Kuniskis, the Dodge boss-man himself, talked to on the record, saying after 2018 it’s curtains for the Demon. He warned that anyone who’s banking on the car returning will miss their opportunity. This squares with the message Kuniskis has been spreading to the media for months. But, alternative facts aren’t something reserved just for politics – we have them in the auto industry, too.

Some dealerships are claiming that the Demon will return for 2019. One rationalization is that by saying the Demon is going away, Dodge is pumping up demand or testing to see how people react. Sure, automakers sometimes test the water, but I think some dealers are just too used to playing games, so they think everyone does. Kuniskis is a pretty straightforward guy, so when he says the same thing over and over, I’m inclined to believe him.

Just how many people out there need this kind of stupid straight-line speed? Fact is, the Demon is a highly niche product. Dodge hasn’t announced it will be joining the 2019 model lineup, and all signs are pointing to it not.

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