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Tesla Responds To Consumer Reports Criticism

(Credit: Tesla Motors )

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Tesla Responds To Consumer Reports Criticism

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S (Credit: Tesla Motors )

Reporting that Consumer Reports slammed the Tesla Model S P85D for door handle problems has been controversial, to say the least. While the publication hasn’t released a full assessment for the luxury electric sedan, it has said that it wasn’t surprised that its car had door handle issues. In fact, Consumer Reports says that the door handles not extending like they’re supposed to is the number one complaint Tesla owners have.

Tesla Motors isn’t known for staying silent on just about any issue, and it’s not taking the complaints from Consumer Reports sitting down. Consumer Reports used the Tesla phone app to unlock the car, but claimed that it could only drive for a short while before the vehicle would shut down again. While the publication said that the P85D was “undriveable” because the driver’s door handle wouldn’t extend out, the automaker says that claim is completely bogus.

According to a report from, Tesla said that the phone app which Consumer Reports used to get into the Model S can also act as the key. Instead of owners only being able to drive for a short distance, Tesla said the app actually allows for completely unrestricted driving.

Tesla also contends that there’s absolutely no tie between the door handle issue and the supposed inability to drive the Model S very far. Jake Fisher, the director of auto testing for Consumer Reports, said that he believed there’s a provision that won’t let the transmission shift into park if one of the doors is slightly open, which couldn’t be corrected if the door handle wouldn’t deploy.

When it came to servicing the car, Tesla did act quickly and reportedly resolved the situation. The fact that Model S owners are still reporting door handle issues is somewhat troubling, but now we have accusations and counter accusations going between Consumer Reports and Tesla. Many people are already lining up according to political and social ideologies, demonstrating that at the heart of the issue is something more than the malfunction.

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