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Subaru Finally Bumps the STI’s Power

(Credit: Subaru )

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Subaru Finally Bumps the STI’s Power

Everyone can stop asking when Subaru will up the STI’s power, because the answer is now. The automaker officially announced the 2019 model will get a whole whopping 5 horsepower increase. The sheer g-forces that will no doubt be placed on your body should require a warning tag for the car, because wow.

All that extra power will cost you. The STI’s price is increasing $525 for 2019. Subaru also announced the WRX price will go up $225, but you don’t get more power for that. Sorry.

What are you going to do with a 310-horsepower Subaru WRX STI? Pull off an amazing heist in an exotic location? Race submarines submerged under ice in the arctic? The possibilities are simply endless. Thanks, Subaru.

So how did engineers tap so much out of the turbo 2.5-liter flat-four? They used a new air intake and a high-flow performance exhaust, plus retuned the ECU and slapped stronger pistons to handle that beastly increase. All but the final modification is something just about every STI undergoes quickly, along with a few stickers that add 5 horsepower each.

Subaru added some other new equipment that’s not nearly as exciting, like updated infotainment systems. Oh, and all WRXs now have a CVT. Yep, what an insult, Subaru.

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