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Rivian Proves EVs Can Overland

(Credit: Rivian )

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Rivian Proves EVs Can Overland

Range anxiety has always plagued the electric vehicle market. Most EVs have catered to city dwellers who are always within a few blocks of a charging option, because there’s comfort in that setup. Rivian is breaking free of those constraints with its R1T pickup. Not only does it off-road, the electric truck is now being promoted by Rivian for overlanding.

Using the well-attended Overland West gathering in Flagstaff, Ariz., Rivian demonstrated how an EV can be used for a multi-day trip in the wilderness. A customized R1T truck has an electric camp stove that slides out of the vehicle’s gear tunnel, an absolute genius design. Rivian says you can cook for an entire week and illuminate the truck’s surroundings, using only about 11 percent of the battery.

Rivian R1T slide-out camp stove (Credit: Rivian )

Already, the R1T boasts over 400 miles of driving range. When traveling downhill, regenerative braking replaces more than half the electricity used to climb the uphill slope. Because it lacks many of the mechanical components traditional off-roaders need, ground clearance is also excellent at 14 inches without any modifications. Because this truck is designed for going where data isn’t available, navigation maps are downloadable.

Rivian brass has apparently been attending the Overland West show for a few years now, learning from attendees. They then incorporated that knowledge into the customized R1T.

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