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Ford Could Face its Own Dieselgate

(Credit: Ford )

Fuel Efficiency

Ford Could Face its Own Dieselgate

The Dieselgate scandal brought Volkswagen to its knees, and now Ford may be facing something similar. Automotive News reports the American automaker is taking a proactive approach after employees raised concerns about how fuel economy and emissions data was processed for submission to government regulators.

While this isn’t like adding code to spoof emissions testing procedures, everyone has seen what happens if an automaker even tries to game the system. And don’t think for a minute the current administration will be any more forgiving than the last, because if anything it might be even more stringent.

That could be why Ford has hired a law firm to investigate the matter, because the stakes are incredibly high. Considering the company has been teetering on the brink of financial ruin, any misstep in this area could spell certain doom.

Very little is known about the investigation, no doubt on purpose. What this could mean is that fuel economy estimates for your Ford vehicle might be a little too optimistic.

Source: Automotive News 

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