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Audi Might Go Vegan

(Credit: Audi )

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Audi Might Go Vegan

German automaker Audi is considering a vegan-friendly interior for the E-Tron electric SUV. That might sound weird, but it’s something Tesla and others have been doing, and it actually makes sense.

While electric vehicles offer tons of torque off the line and some other great benefits, they’re still pretty niche in the market. One of the groups who flock to them at the moment are the eco-conscious, and many of those are proud vegans. They don’t exactly smile on having plush wool carpeting like you find in Rolls-Royce models or even leather upholstery.

To cater to these shoppers, Audi is considering a leather-free version of the E-Tron. This is after the Audi E-Tron product manager told Motor1 some customers have requested such a thing. After Audi debuted its E-Tron GT with a fully-vegan interior, it’s understandable why people would expect that kind of an option.

Of course, this offering will seem hilarious or unnecessary for many shoppers, even those who are interested in a luxury electric SUV. But there will no doubt be some who choose the Audi when they wouldn’t have otherwise, simply because this option exists.

Source: Motor1

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