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Report: Mercedes Might Make A Convertible SUV

(Credit: © Brabus / Mercedes Benz)

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Report: Mercedes Might Make A Convertible SUV

Brabus Mercedes-Benz G500 Convertible

Brabus Mercedes-Benz G500 Convertible (Credit: © Brabus / Mercedes Benz)

A recent report from Autoblog indicates that Mercedes is seriously considering making a convertible SUV. Of course, one of the first things many people think about is the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet, a vehicle that fortunately has been discontinued and is notorious for its hideous looks.

Everyone needs to calm down and remember this is Mercedes, not Nissan. Fortunately, the Germans are a little more mindful of not creating complete monstrosities (let’s not talk about the R-Class, though) and so likely won’t go with a new design that leaves people shaking their head in dismay.

Autoblog has cited as a great source for this “rumor”: Wolf-Dieter Kurz, who is the head of sports cars and sport utility models for Daimler. In other words, it’s not as much a question of if Mercedes will make a convertible SUV, but rather when.

Being smart about marketing, Mercedes realizes that a convertible SUV has a narrow appeal. Some people really prefer their sport utilities to have a fortress-like nature about them, instead of letting the wind ruffle their hair. This is especially true in China, where even convertible cars aren’t very popular at all. The Asian country has become so key in the global automotive market that many automakers go with decisions based on what consumers there prefer and will buy.

Still, Mercedes might forge ahead with a luxury convertible SUV for the United States and other markets. What many don’t realize is that American consumers have long flocked to Jeeps, which are essentially convertible SUVs. Sure, the Jeep purists bristle at their rigs being called sport utilities, but if the shoe fits…

It wouldn’t be the first time that Mercedes has made and sold a convertible SUV, interestingly enough. As recently as 2013 the company sold a convertible Geländewagen as a member of the G-Class family available in certain markets.

By the way, Mercedes isn’t the only one looking at making a luxury convertible SUV. Land Rover is working on a drop-top version of the Evoque.

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