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Ram Prices Are Falling

(Credit: Fiat Chrysler )

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Ram Prices Are Falling

Even though truck sales are hot, somehow Ram hasn’t gotten in on the party. Sales of certain models have been slow, and that means lower prices.

If you’re considering buying a Ram 1500, now could be a great time to make your move. Sitting 2018 inventory is getting big price discounts, because dealerships need to clear space for the all-new 2019 lineup.

Right on Ram’s website is an offer for over $12,000 in savings on a 2018 Ram 1500. Some dealers are adding to that incentive, so you can really shave down the purchase price. Not everyone will qualify for all the rebates, so beware when shopping for a truck. But right now could be a solid time to buy one.

At the same time, Automotive News says Fiat Chrysler has an interesting strategy to boost Ram 1500 sales. It’s letting dealers put some 1,500 models into the loaner pool and mark the trucks as sold. That’s not an uncommon strategy with cars that aren’t moving. The fact this is being done with a pickup truck is odd.

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