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Pirelli Creates Smart Tires

(Credit: Pirelli )

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Pirelli Creates Smart Tires

If you hate tire shopping, Pirelli’s working overtime to make it a more exciting thing. The tire company used the Geneva Motor Show to announce Connesso, a tire connectivity technology.

Connesso is hitting the market this summer. It will only be offered with P Zero and Winter Sottozero tires, putting a sensor on the inner wall of the tire. That sensor sends info to your phone though an app, like air pressure, temperature, wear, vertical loads, and distance traveled with the tire.

For now, you can only get Connesso on tires that are 19 inches or larger. So it’s go big or don’t be connected, or something like that. For a change, the United States market will be the first to get this new tire tech. After launching here, it will then be offered in Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Pirelli also announced it’s offering color accents for tires. The starting selection includes red, white, yellow and silver, but apparently you can order a custom color. This adds another styling opportunity for enthusiasts or even regular shoppers, because your tires are about to become more of a fashion statement than before.

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