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Nobody Seems To Like The Karma Revero

(Credit: Karma Automotive )

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Nobody Seems To Like The Karma Revero

The car you used to know as the Fisker Karma, now the Karma Revero, seems to have bad karma. So far, just about every reviewer who’s driven the thing has hated on it big time. I haven’t had the misfortune of climbing behind the Revero’s wheel, but it sounds like a painful experience.

For example, Hannah Elliott of Bloomberg had three good points to highlight about the Revero. One was that it’s expensive, so some people will buy it is as status symbol. Another is that it uses electricity for propulsion. So does a Prius. The third is that the car looks unique, but not that it’s good-looking, because it’s not.

As far as the experience of driving the thing, Elliott emphasized that it lumbered like a rhinoceros (my words). In other words, it handles like garbage, but can go straight with the best of them. The thing tips the scale at 5,500 pounds, or more than some fairly large SUVs.

This doesn’t sound like the car that’s supposed to eat the Model S’ lunch. It rides on old tech, has horrible range, and obviously lacks refinement, even when compared to the not-entirely-polished Teslas.

Thankfully, Karma is working on a new vehicle. Hopefully it’s better than the Revero, because it has to be.

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