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McLaren Teases a Track-Focused Development of the 650S

(Credit: © McLaren)

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McLaren Teases a Track-Focused Development of the 650S

McLaren Geneva Teaser Image

McLaren Geneva Teaser Image (Credit: © McLaren)

McLaren is far from your typical automaker, as it almost embraces the media and enjoys nothing more than giving its fans insider looks at what the company is working on. For example, McLaren has been hard at work on its Sports Series lineup and it has not been shy about sharing image camouflaged test vehicles during its development.

Apparently McLaren is up to the same old tricks, as it has just revealed yet another teaser image of a new car on its Facebook page. The details behind this car are still scarce, but McLaren did clarify the image with the following statement: “We don’t like to keep you guessing for too long. It’s a track-focused development of the 650S and it will be at the Geneva Motor Show alongside the McLaren P1™ GTR.”

But what is this car? Well, a closer inspection of the swirly camo, courtesy of the fellas at TopGear, shows that the pattern is actually a countless number of McLaren F1 LMs, a longtail version of the F1 that was developed for the long straights in Le Mans. A clue to this being a longtail version of the 650S is the black camouflage carefully hiding the far rear section of the car. It’s a blink-and-you’ll miss it thing, but it certainly adds some validity to the claim that this is a longtail version of the 650S.

An extra-close look at the body reveals an extra little air intake just below and behind the door. This intake isn’t there just for aesthetics; it’s there to aid in cooling, which means we could also be looking at a good bit more power from this modified 650S. TopGear speculates that there could be as many as 666 ponies raging under that hood, which would tidy up to 675 PS in McLaren speak.

The sum of all of this speculation is that this could very well be named the 675 LT and split the difference between the P1 and 650S. Of course, this is all speculation based on a single image and several rumors floating around. We’ll find out for sure at or just before the Geneva Auto Show, which kicks off March 5, 2015.

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