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Maserati Levante Patent Images Leak

(Credit: © Maserati)

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Maserati Levante Patent Images Leak

Maserati Levante Patent Images

Maserati Levante Patent Images (Credit: © Maserati)

The Maserati Levante is the Italian brand’s attempt to cash in on the crossover craze before it fades away. Nearly every other luxury automaker has had moderate to massive success in this realm, so why not a smaller manufacturer like the trident-bearing brand.

A new report from Left Lane News shows a slew of patent drawings that give us the best look to date at the upcoming off-road-ready Maserati. From the images, we can see that this is a departure from the Kubang Concept that we saw back in 2011. In fact, these images almost make the SUV look like an updated version of the Kubang Concept from 2003.

From the front end, you can see that all of the standard Maserati cues are there, including the upwards-swooping headlights, hex grille, and taillights that mimic those on the Quattroporte. From the front door back, the Levante is all its own, with large rear haunches, deeply sculpted lower portions of the doors, and the raked rear glass.

Maserati Levante Patent Images

Maserati Levante Patent Images (Credit: © Maserati)

Unfortunately, these images don’t help us in terms of powertrains, but there have been plenty of rumors on what will power the Levante. The most likely of engine choices will be a 350-horspower V-6, a 450-pony V-6, and a Ferrari-developed V-8 with 580 horsepower.

Regardless of the engine, the Levante will use a paddle-shifted eight-speed transmission and power will head to all four wheels.

Look for the Cayenne-rivaling Italian SUV to hit the show circuit in January 2016 at the Detroit Auto Show. Prices are expected to run between €90,000 and €200,000 in Europe. These prices convert to $100,695 and $223,768, respectively.

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