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Lexus Accidentally Creates The Most Hilarious Concept Car Ever

(Credit: Lexus)

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Lexus Accidentally Creates The Most Hilarious Concept Car Ever

Lexus Sriracha IS

Lexus Sriracha IS (Credit: Lexus)

Creating a customized vehicle based on a condiment is never a good idea. Someone at Lexus should’ve realized that when the company was approached by Huy Fong Foods, the makers of Sriracha sauce. While other automakers brought serious concepts to the show in Los Angeles, Lexus showed up with a complete joke.

Sadly, I think Lexus is actually proud of what it did, like it was something clever. West Coast Customs helped fuglify a perfectly good IS by theming it after hot sauce. Supposedly, the paint was made to mimic what the sauce looks like in the bottle. The steering wheel has actual Sriracha in the resin, and it says “hot handling.” Roosters are embroidered on the seats. Interior and exterior green accents match the cap on Sriracha bottles.

It doesn’t stop there. The seat warmers and temperature controls have a “Sriracha” setting. Multiple badges let people know what kind of hot sauce the car has been themed after. Just in case you’re eating bland food, the key fob has a button you can press to squirt Sriracha out. And there’s 43 bottles of the sauce in the trunk.

For reasons nobody understands, custom oven mitts and a jacket were created to go with the car.

Lexus, hang your head in shame. Honda brought the new Civic Si to the show, and you came up with this?

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