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Karma Is Scooping Up Lots Of Detroit Engineers

(Credit: Karma)

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Karma Is Scooping Up Lots Of Detroit Engineers

Karma Revero

Karma Revero (Credit: Karma)

Now that Karma has a production facility running in Moreno Valley, California, it’s becoming apparent that the automaker that’s back from the grave is making some big moves. The Detroit Free Press pointed out not too long ago that Karma is scooping up plenty of engineers in the Motor City, opening an office there.

Spending owner Wanxiang Group’s money, Fisker has so far gathered together over two dozen engineers. That number pales in comparison to what GM, Ford and even Toyota have in the area, but it’s amazing for an automaker that most thought was more than mostly dead.

This latest move from Karma also shows it’s not trying to reinvent the wheel. Tesla has had quite a few manufacturing and engineering issues, but Karma seems to be relying on the tried-and-true resources from the automotive industry to get that end of the business right. Before, Fisker contracted the manufacturing in Finland and had the vehicles shipped to the United States. Considering Fisker’s manufacturing costs were out of control, this is probably a wise move.

Basically, Karma is like a blend of California cool and Detroit old school. The plan right now calls for about 80 total employees in Michigan, which is a pretty good scope for the size of the company. There are a little over 600 employees in California at the moment.

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