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Jeep Grand Cherokee Will Become Italian

(Credit: Jeep )

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Will Become Italian

For once, the worst fear of Jeep fans is coming true: the next-generation Grand Cherokee will ride on the same platform as the Alfa Romeo Giulia. That’s right, the beloved SUV is turning Italian, at least in part.

This is not a rumor. Instead, word of the switch came from FCA CEO Sergio Machionne himself. It’s the same platform the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio will use, making it the sibling of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Despite the Stelvio only coming with all-wheel drive, the engineers at Jeep should be able to easily swap that out for a hardcore four-wheel-drive system, or the brand’s whole range.

Jeep fanboys are taking the news pretty hard. At least for now, the Wrangler isn’t switching over to the same platform as the Fiat Panda.

To be honest, the writing was on the wall. FCA has been bleeding cash. The company isn’t horrible profitable. Many competitors like the Volkswagen Group have been successful at sharing platforms with multiple models, and that’s supposed to be the whole point of Fiat and Chrysler joining forces.

FCA also has revealed it’s ramping up US production of crossovers and trucks. Those products have fat profit margins, and shoppers are still hungry for them. Finally, FCA seems to not be focusing on just joining up with another auto giant, and instead is looking to be successful all on its own.

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