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Jaguar Land Rover Replacing R-S Badges With SVR

(Credit: Jaguar )

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Jaguar Land Rover Replacing R-S Badges With SVR

Jaguar F-Type R Coupe

Jaguar F-Type R Coupe (Credit: Jaguar )

Things are still changing quickly inside of Jaguar Land Rover as the Brits scramble to plug up holes in the product lineup, including offering high-performance models that can rival Mercedes’ AMGs or BMW’s M models. Apparently, part of that shakeup has to do with what to name the hot Jags and Land Rovers. The word is that the “R-S” badge is out and “SVR” is on its way in.

The whole thing has to do with the new Range Rover Sport SVR. In case you forgot, that’s the high-performance SUV that was spotted whipping around the Nurburgring in a fashion that would shame many sports cars. If Jaguar Land Rover is going to make a big shift in its nomenclature, using such a model to lead the way is a smart move.

In the near future, prepare to start seeing more SVR models. Not only will they have augmented powertrain output, the cars and SUVs will also feature more aggressive exterior styling to help separate them from the other models. In addition, the suspension and chassis will be sport-tuned and the brakes will be upgraded to help get a handle on all that additional power.

In an interview with a Dutch media source, Jaguar Land Rover’s John Edwards, who is the head of Special Vehicle Operations, also revealed that even the mighty Jaguar F-Type R Coupe isn’t immune to the name change. An SVR version of the car is in the works, which will deliver more dramatic performance than the R’s top output of 550 horsepower.

There are still more surprises surrounding the new SVR lineup. According to an interview World Car Fans conducted recently with Land Rover program director Murray Dietsch, the all-new Discovery Sport will not spawn an SVR version. Other high-performance versions of the SUV are apparently in the works. Less of a surprise are rumors that a Range Rover Evoque SVR is coming sometime in the near future.

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