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Honda Ends Fit EV Production

(Credit: © Honda)

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Honda Ends Fit EV Production

2013 Honda FIT EV

2013 Honda FIT EV (Credit: © Honda)

In a move that has surprised and shocked some electric vehicle supporters, Honda has announced that it is ceasing production of the Fit EV come the end of 2014. The automaker says that such a move is not a sign of hatred for electrified vehicles, as some less-informed individuals have proposed, but instead is a result of the company wanting to pour its resources into other electrified models like the a production version of the FCEV and the Accord PHEV.

Some green car fans are seeing red when it comes to Honda, considering that it has also announced that the original hybrid car in the United States, the Insight, is history as well. Of course, the Insight has been a poor seller for years, with the Toyota Prius basking in the limelight and thus dooming the other hybrid hatchback.

The Fit EV was ready to be shown the door. It was based on the second generation of the subcompact car, and the third generation has already launched. The EV was also a lease-only option, which is always a sign an automaker isn’t highly committed to using a model in its long-term strategy. In fact, Honda has been pretty upfront about the fact that the car was created to help it meet the zero-emissions vehicle mandate in the state of California, which is the single largest automotive market in the country. The company even let everyone who was paying attention know that production for the Fit EV was capped at 1,100 units.

Honda is staying tight-lipped about what future plans it has for other electric models, particularly a subcompact vehicle. Of course, there is the CR-Z, which has also been a notoriously slow seller. In time everyone will see if Honda is truly serious about pushing electrified vehicles or not.

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