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Honda Dealer Reaches Electric Grid Neutral Status


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Honda Dealer Reaches Electric Grid Neutral Status

Rossi Honda Dealership

Rossi Honda Dealership (Credit:

A Honda dealership is officially the first automotive dealer in the nation to reach “Electric Grid Neutral” status. For Rossi Honda of Vineland, New Jersey to have accomplished such a feat, the dealership had to generate as much or even more energy using renewable sources than it used from the local electric grid for a year’s time. Rossi Honda, which is an independent dealership, did not achieve its new status alone. Significant help came from Honda’s Environmental Leadership Program, which assisted the dealership with quantifying its electricity consumption and then formulating a reasonable plan to attain the grid neutral status.

The accomplishment by Rossi Honda is even more remarkable considering the humongous electricity demands a typical car dealership has on a daily basis. The hard work has helped the facility drastically reduce its CO2 emissions, which have been shown to contribute to worldwide climate change. The dealership’s innovations also earned it a Platinum Honda Environmental Leadership Award, which is the highest level of the award the automaker gives out. Other than achieving a grid neutral status, dealerships must have a LEED certification to qualify for the award.

Rossi Honda used a variety of methods to increase its usage of renewable energy sources, resulting in an electricity consumption drop of 321,000 kWh and a reduction of about 341,000 pounds of CO2 emissions versus the previous year. The main method used for generating electricity was solar panels, which were mounted on the roof of the dealership. The dealership also installed LED lights throughout the facility, reducing its electricity needs.

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