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GM Getting Sued for Cadillac CUE Infotainment Problems

(Credit: © Cadillac)

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GM Getting Sued for Cadillac CUE Infotainment Problems

A group of plaintiffs recently filed a class-action lawsuit against GM involving the CUE infotainment systems. I know, the first thing everyone will think is they’re angry about confusing menus, slow response times, or bad voice controls. That’s not what the suit is about.

What it comes down to is faulty touchscreens. According to the court filing, some owners have experienced problems with the screens’ lamination peeling off or bubbling, making it difficult or impossible to operate the infotainment system. Repairing the problem is reportedly expensive, which is why Cadillac owners want GM to cough up cash for the problem.

Ford had a similar problem with the first generation of the MyFord and MyLincoln Touch infotainment systems. That resulted in a $17 million class-action lawsuit, which might have inspired Cadillac owners to take action.

In the class-action filing, it’s alleged GM knew about the problems with Cadillac CUE touchscreens but did nothing about it. Cadillac owners had no choice but to pay hundreds of dollars to repair the allegedly faulty screens. Adding insult to injury, Cadillac advertisements boasted about the “high quality” of the CUE system.

According to the lawsuit, the cars affected are 2013 to 2017 Cadillac ATS, SRX, and XTS models, plus 2014 to 2017 Cadillac CTS Vin A, ELR, and Escalade models.

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