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Get Special Ford Pricing By Knowing Employees

(Credit: Ford )

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Get Special Ford Pricing By Knowing Employees

2016 Ford Explorer

2016 Ford Explorer (Credit: Ford )

Ford’s doing something that could save you thousands of dollars under invoice on a new car, truck or SUV, so listen up. This is kind of like the Friends & Neighbors promotion, only way better but more exclusive. Plus, Ford isn’t exactly announcing it all over the place.

Buyers can get an employee discount, but they need to know a current or retired Ford employee. That’s the catch, because without a special code they don’t get the deal. Needless to say, this is a unique opportunity that you should give serious thought to using, if you know the right people.

Another trick with this new program is that Ford employees and retirees can’t just be handing out these special codes like crazy, because they only get one code to share with someone who isn’t family. In other words, take the Ford employee you know out to a nice dinner, get them an expensive present, etc. so you can have that privilege of saving a wad of money.

The entire program is known internally as the A/Z Conquest PIN. A-Plan is the name of the discount for Ford-branded vehicles. Unlike the X-Plan or Friends & Neighbors program, this provides a serious discount instead of “supplier pricing.” Another big difference is that the Lincoln brand is included as the Z-Plan. Dealerships won’t be able to charge more than $75 for a document fee, per Ford’s instructions.

You might have noticed that the program name has “conquest” in it. To qualify, a person has to own or lease a non-Ford, Mercury or Lincoln vehicle that’s a 1995 or newer. That doesn’t mean you have to part ways with your beloved ride, because Ford doesn’t want it.

This promo started on January 8, but Automotive News made it more public knowledge about a couple weeks after. You’ll need to hurry if you want to get in on the action, because it ends after February 29.

Ford employees and retirees already receive four A-Plan or Z-Plan codes, plus four X-Plan codes each year. Giving away the code for the A/Z Conquest PIN doesn’t affect the usual allotment.

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