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Elon Musk Learns to Apologize

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Elon Musk Learns to Apologize

Tesla CEO Elon Musk in the past said via Twitter that he’s a self-proclaimed narcissist, but recently he’s learned a new trick: apologizing.

Per Bloomberg, Musk used the Q&A portion of the company second-quarter earnings call to apologize for what he characterized as “bad manners” in the previous call. From there, he fielded questions from two analysts he accused of asking “dry” and “boring, bonehead” topics.

Instead of just offering up a simple apology, though, Musk blamed a lack of proper sleep for his behavior. Considering the CEO likes to set up a cot at Model 3 factory and not go home for long stretches of time, that is a possibility.

Investors seemed to like the new Elon, as Tesla shares increased up to 12 percent in after-hours trading after the call. There’s no telling if this is a new trend for Musk or just an isolated incident. Considering he’s been subjected to increasingly hostile criticism from all sides, perhaps he’s learned the value of showing a little humility now and then.

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