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Dodge Turns The Challenger Into An AWD Snowcat

(Credit: Dodge )

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Dodge Turns The Challenger Into An AWD Snowcat

Dodge Challenger GT AWD concept

Dodge Challenger GT AWD concept (Credit: Dodge )

Everyone lost their minds when Automotive News said the Dodge Challenger Hellcat would get all-wheel drive. It seems the whole thing was a big misunderstanding. Jalopnik spoke with the writer who broke the story, and he said it was a case of ambiguous wording.

So if you heard that the Challenger Hellcat is getting all-wheel drive, that’s not correct. Instead, a mere V-6 version of the muscle car will be offered with power going to all four wheels. It will be called the Challenger GT AWD and is set to hit dealers in the fall, just in time for snow season.

While an all-wheel-drive version of the Hellcat would’ve been awesome, it was too good to be true. Maybe Dodge engineers will get to work on just such a thing after realizing that’s exactly what everyone wants. That, and maybe aliens will visit Earth and someone will get a non-refutable picture of it. The two are about as likely.

If you remember back at SEMA in November of last year Dodge actually showed off a Challenger GT AWD. The car looked production-ready, so this move isn’t a huge shock. Still, the thought of hooning a pony car in a snow storm is almost too good to be true. Could Ford and Chevy follow suit? That would be amazing.

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