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Dodge Finally Bumps Performance for the Dart with the SRT

(Credit: © Dodge)

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Dodge Finally Bumps Performance for the Dart with the SRT

2014 Dodge Dart SRT

2014 Dodge Dart SRT (Credit: © Dodge)

Fiat Chrysler recently rolled out its five-year plan, and like a contestant on the Biggest Loser, the company is looking to shed some weight and trim up what’s left. Part of the shift means that the Dodge brand is going to be geared at performance instead of relative mediocrity, which obviously puts the current Dart in peril.

Fortunately for fans of the compact sedan, Dodge will not be giving the Dart a proper Viking burial. Instead, the car will be going through an epic transformation to make it the performance machine it should have been from the beginning.

The upcoming Dodge Dart SRT will add both turbocharging and all-wheel drive to the vehicle, which will be released in 2016. Of course, if you want a car that looks kind of fast but isn’t, Dodge apparently will still be producing such versions as well as the SRT model.

Unlike the beloved SRT4, the new version of the Dart will not come with a cutesy look and insist nobody call it a Neon, because obviously the SRT4 was a completely, non-affiliated model! Already, people are saying that the Dart SRT will be treading in Subaru WRX territory, which could lead to a showdown that could turn out to be quite interesting. It’s not often that one sees a Dodge and a Subaru go head-to-head in the market. Of course, there is also the possibility that Dodge could field a Dart SRT and go hunting WRXs in rally race events. With the Italians running the show, just about anything seems possible at this point.

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