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Dodge Durango Finally Earns Its Stripes

(Credit: Dodge )

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Dodge Durango Finally Earns Its Stripes

With SUV sales surging, Dodge is looking to inject a unique flavor into the aging Durango lineup. The 2018 R/T and SRT models gain stripes from the factory, so you can let everyone know how quick your soccer mom ride can look. Other enhancements are coming, too, like Mopar Performance Parts.

Durango SRTs can gain an aggressive stance that will make Camaro drivers scared, thanks to an optional lowering spring kit. Of course, that means the SUV will handle better, and maybe scrape bottom on those large speed humps in your neighborhood. To really show everyone you mean business, especially your kids, Dodge is offering a carbon fiber interior trim option for the SRT.

Intimidate everyone at school drop-off/pickup by slapping a Mopar performance exhaust system on your Durango. Not only do you add a nice throaty snarl to the SUV, polished 4-inch tips make sure everyone can’t miss how much money you dropped.

Speaking of cost, these enhancements don’t exactly come cheap, because that’s how OEMs roll. The performance exhaust for SRT models costs $1,850. If you own an R/T, that one will only set you back $1,595. As for the lowering spring kit, it comes in at $325.

For the privilege of rocking dual stripes on your Durango, be prepared to shell out $1,195. If you really want to go all-out, the carbon fiber kit, which also comes with a Dinamica headliner, retails at $2,495. Yeah, not cheap.

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