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Civic Si Rumored to Get a 230-Horsepower Four-Cylinder

(Credit: Honda)

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Civic Si Rumored to Get a 230-Horsepower Four-Cylinder

2016 Honda Civic Coupe

2016 Honda Civic Coupe (Credit: Honda)

The details surrounding the 10th generation Civic have been rolling in for a few months now, including its new range of standard engines and the 306-horsepower Civic Type R. It’s odd, however, that the one model Honda hasn’t revealed much on is the Si. Today, a new report from lets the cat partially out of the bag on the upcoming Si.

According to the report, the Civic Si will arrive in either the fall of 2016 or the spring of 2017, which will make it a 2017 model year. This means that the Civic will skip the 2016 model year altogether. There is no indication on pricing for the Civic Si at this point.

The big bit of information that the forum leaked out surrounds its mechanical goodies. According to the report, the Si will share the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder from the range-topping Type R, but with the juice turned down a tad. In the Si, which I assume will be available as only a coupe or sedan, this engine will reportedly produce between 220 and 230 horsepower – 15 to 25 more horsepower than the 2015 Civic Si. The transmission of choice will supposedly be a six-cog manual.

The report goes on to suggest that the Si will have “many shared parts with [the] Type R.” My gut tells me that the suspension bits will be shared, as will things like the clutch, axles, etc.

The administrator for the forum made sure to mention that none of his reports are confirmed by Honda and that they are based on intelligence gained from a friend, source, and various rumors. With that in mind, I suggest taking the report with a grain of salt, but it would be awesome if it ends up being true.

We’ll keep an eye out for more details on the upcoming Civic Si and let you know when we learn something new.

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