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Cadillac Announces The XTS Is A Goner

(Credit: Cadillac )

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Cadillac Announces The XTS Is A Goner

2015 Cadillac XTS

2015 Cadillac XTS (Credit: Cadillac )

The Cadillac XTS is singing its swan song, even though we all barely got to know the thing. The front-wheel-drive sedan will go end-of-life in 2019 when the current generation has run its course. That means if you want to purchase a bland, brand new Caddy, you still have a few years to save up. It might be the last front-wheel-drive Cadillacs made in the foreseeable future, which is probably a good thing.

Some automotive blogs and news sources have jumped to the conclusion that with the death of the XTS, Cadillac will be getting out of the livery business. According to a recent report from Car and Driver, that’s not even close to the truth. The luxury brand makes a considerable amount of money producing limos, hearses and the like, plus it’s going to need those funds to achieve the aggressive goal its set of launching ten or more new models by 2020. While it’s not apparent what will fill the livery void, there’s a possibility that your last ride could be in the back of an Escalade (with spinner rims available upon request).

Cadillac fans panicked recently when CEO Johan de Nysschen said that there won’t be another generation of the ATS or CTS. While it’s true that de Nysschen is shaking things up, what he meant apparently was that the names of the ATS, CTS, and every other Cadillac save the Escalade will be changing in the near future. Fans can breathe and stop panicking, de Nysschen hasn’t lost his mind.

The new company nomenclature will be CT3, CT4, CT5, etc. With the new names, the models will also transform somewhat, which is of course a common practice when automakers launch new generations. Now the name of the CT6 makes more sense to everyone.

Stay tuned for more Cadillac news, because more changes are obviously coming soon.

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