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Bacalar Brings Bentley Back to Its Roots

(Credit: Bentley )

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Bacalar Brings Bentley Back to Its Roots

Back in the day Bentley was all about exclusivity and bespoke elements for its vehicles. The newly revealed Bentley Bacalar helps the British automaker return to form by pushing these elements like they haven’t been in far too long.

According to Bentley, the two-seater Bacalar takes the automaker back to bespoke coachbuilding. It’s a limited-edition model capped at 12 examples, with everything handcrafted to the exact specifications of each customer.

Bentley Mulliner Bacalar (Credit: Bentley )

If you’re thinking the Bacalar looks a little familiar, that’s because it’s based on the Bentley Barchetta. The roof is of course chopped off and the body is a little more muscular. It also features tapered cowls behind the semi-closed luggage area, demonstrating that this convertible is for fun times and possibly a weekend road trip to somewhere fabulously exclusive, of course.

What might be most surprising is the abundance of ethically sourced materials on this first example of the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar. For example, the paint contains ash from rice husks, adding a metallic gleam. This certainly plays to the trend of only using ethically sourced materials in certain circles.

Moving forward, Bentley says it will have three vehicle portfolios: Classic, Collections, and Coachbuilt. This new approach could give Bentley the edge it needs to be competitive in the marketplace. After all, the British automaker has been steadily losing ground for years, so doing something dramatic is probably a good idea.

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