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Baby Ford Mach-E Could Be a Volkswagen at Heart

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Baby Ford Mach-E Could Be a Volkswagen at Heart

It’s been reported that the much-anticipated “baby Mustang Mach-E” Ford has been working on won’t actually be a Ford through and through. Instead, the small all-electric crossover would use a Volkswagen powertrain, batteries, and chassis from the MEB vehicle platform.

This might not be as disappointing of a move as you might think. The people who wouldn’t like a Ford using anything from Volkswagen are likely also not a fan of Ford applying the Mustang nameplate to a crossover, so they wouldn’t be interested in the vehicle anyway.

Likely the main driving force for this move is money. Developing electric vehicles from scratch costs considerably more than internal-combustion models. Volkswagen has sunk considerable resources into the MEB platform, which is scalable and will be used to underpin quite a few vehicles from the Volkswagen Group brands. To make some of the money invested back, selling the platform to other automakers is a savvy move.

Expect the baby Ford Mustang Mach-E to look sleeker and more athletic than any of the Volkswagen Group electric vehicles. It will help Ford expand its EV market footprint quickly, considering the automaker until recently only made limited-run EVs for government regulation compliance.

Source: Auto Express

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