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8 Cars That Have a Massive $1M+ Price Tag

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8 Cars That Have a Massive $1M+ Price Tag

lykan-hypersportLykan Hypersport via Public Facebook Page

5. Lykan Hypersport

This ultra-rare vehicle was displayed at the Qatar Auto Show, stirring up quite a bit of excitement. The Porsche-sourced engine has been modified to produce 751 horsepower. Acceleration is brisk, of course, with a 0 to 60 time of 2.8 seconds. The exterior looks futuristic and aggressive, like it could star in the next Tron movie. The doors are unique, swiveling backwards an up, giving the driver and passenger plenty of room to climb in and out of the low-slung vehicle. Purchasing the vehicle will set you back $3.4 million.

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