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7 Non-Hybrid Cars With High MPGs

(Credit: Wikimedia)

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7 Non-Hybrid Cars With High MPGs

Smart Fortwo Coupe

Smart Fortwo Coupe (Credit: Wikimedia)

5. Smart Fortwo coupe

Official EPA fuel economy estimates: 34/38/36. The Fortwo is the ultimate city car, with a diminutive size that almost allows the car to park in spots reserved for motorcycles. The interior features seating for two and is much more spacious and comfortable than it looks, making the fortwo a good car for everyday commuting. Thanks to tight steering and a responsive suspension setup, the Fortwo is also a blast to drive in crowded city streets. Add to all that the fact that Smart is owned by Daimler, a company that is known for producing quality vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz line.

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