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2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Power Levels to Soar

(Credit: Daimler)

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2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Power Levels to Soar

If you’re to believe a new report, Mercedes-AMG will outfit the 2021 GT with a big uplift in the power department, and it’s doing so through electrification. Yep, scream and holler all you want purists, supposedly the Germans are going to drop a light hybrid into the car, but at least it will keep the V8 engine.

Yes, the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 will keep howling for now, but an electric motor will help produce even more power. Why some people complain about more power is puzzling, but they will most definitely pitch a fit about this.

For now, the Mercedes-AMG GT R whips out 577 horsepower. Supposedly that will increase to about 650 horsepower. As for torque, that gets a big boost from 516 lb.-ft. to maybe as much as 700 lb.-ft.

Also rumored is that Mercedes-AMG will offer variable all-wheel drive for some versions of the GT. That’s great news for people who live in areas where it snows. There’s nothing more enjoyable than taking your beloved six-figure car out on slippery roads with people who are rolling around on balding tires.

Things keep shifting rapidly in the car market, so Mercedes-AMG is smart to continue innovating.

Source: CarBuzz

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