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2018 Honda Fit Gets Tiny Price Hikes

(Credit: Honda)

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2018 Honda Fit Gets Tiny Price Hikes

Recently, Honda revealed the revised 2018 Honda Fit. With all of its upgrades, one can only assume at least a mild price hike. Today, we learn just how significant a price increase this subcompact hatchback is getting.

The Fit will come in four main trims with a few sub-trims thrown into the mix. The LX trim will continue to be the base level, and it will start from $16,190 ($100 increase) with the six-speed manual transmission. Adding the continuously variable transmission will put it up to $16,990 ($100 increase), while the LX with Honda Sensing bumps the price to $17,990.

The new-for-2018 Sport trim will start from $17,500 with the six-speed manual transmission. Moving into the Sport with the CVT pushes the price to $18,300. Jumping into the Sport with Honda Sensing pushes the MSRP to $19,300.

The EX trim with the six-speed manual starts from $18,160 ($160 increase). Adding the CVT, which also include Honda Sensing, bumps the price to $18,960 ($160 increase).

Finally, the EX-L pushes the Fit past the $20,000 mark to $20,520 ($155 increase) with the CVT and Honda Sensing. Adding navigation, which comes as the EX-L with Navi trim, pushes the price to $21,520 ($155 increase).

The 2018 Honda Fit is on showroom floors starting today,.

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