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10 of the Most Fuel-Efficient 2014 Sports Cars

(Credit: © BMW USA)

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10 of the Most Fuel-Efficient 2014 Sports Cars

2014 Tesla Model S

2014 Tesla Model S (Credit: © Tesla Motors)

1. Tesla Model S

Do all sports cars stop at two doors? Despite being a sedan, the Model S can definitely move more like a sports car than most. Add to that the fact that the car is efficient with its fuel of electricity, considering it achieves the equivalent of 94 mpg in the city and 97 mpg on the highway, and you have a winner. The electric car is quick, even though it does not get going with all of the bravado of some V-8 monster. In one famous test, the Model S outran a BMW M5 in a drag race, thanks in part to full torque delivery at 0 rpm. Tesla spent time tuning the suspension and steering so that it is responsive but it will not leave the passengers feeling punished for riding in the car on a rough road. Model S owners can also use the growing Super Charger network for quick refueling, making the electric car even more practical.

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