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10 Cars That Consumer Reports Rated Best for 2015

(Credit: © Tesla)

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10 Cars That Consumer Reports Rated Best for 2015

The car-buying game is a tricky one, especially for those who are not experts in the field. Because of this, many buyers depend on “best of” lists to help them whittle down the list of potential suitors to just the ones that publications list as the top in their class. One of the leaders in the “best of” game is Consumer Reports, and the publication has just released its list of top-10 cars for 2015. Though the folks who rank these cars are experts, they are not always 100 percent accurate. So, we took a look at the top-rated cars of 2015 by Consumer Reports and analyzed each selection. Some of the choices we wholeheartedly agreed with, but some we feel are not well enough thought out or simply riding on a wave of popularity.

2015 Tesla Model S

2015 Tesla Model S (Credit: © Tesla)

Best Overall: 2015 Tesla Model S

For 2015, Consumer Reports elected the Tesla Model S as its “Best Overall” car. This mostly is based on the test score of 99 out of 100 that is gave the car during its road test. While I agree that the Model S is a great car, I simply cannot agree that it is the best overall. One issue is that owners rated it a 3 out of 5 in reliability, and it is outrageously expensive in the trim level that Consumer Reports tested it in. Additionally, Consumer Reports lists the Model S as “a technological tour de force, a high-performance electric vehicle with usable real-world range, wrapped in a luxury package.” While I agree with three of those statements, I must say that calling the Model S a “luxury” car is a stretch.

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