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10 Best Cars of the 2016 Geneva Motor Show

(Credit: Aston Martin)

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10 Best Cars of the 2016 Geneva Motor Show

There is an auto show in just about every major city in the world where automakers come to show off their new wares. But there are some that are far more important than others and the Geneva Motor Show is among the most important.

Year in and year out, some of the greatest new rigs and concepts sit on the Geneva floor, especially those from European automakers. In recent years, American automakers have had a larger presence at this show, but it is still predominantly a place for European models to strut their stuff.

With the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in the books, Insider Car News takes a look at our 10 favorite debuts from the show in no particular order.

Lamborghini Centenario

Lamborghini Centenario (Credit: © Lamborghini)

1. Lamborghini Centenario

We knew it was coming, but nothing could prepare us for the awesomeness that Lambo dropped on us with its Centenario. This model, which celebrates the 100th birthday of the brand’s founder, rolls in with a carbon-fiber body, a 759-horsepower (770 PS) version of the Aventador’s V-12 engine. All of this adds up to a limited-run (just 20 coupes and 20 convertibles) Lambo that hits 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds and tops out in excess of 217 mph.

If you’re interested in this €1.75 million ($1.92 million) supercar, you’re too late, as they are all spoken for.

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