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WiTricity Making Huge Strides in Wireless Charging Tech

(Credit: WiTricity )

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WiTricity Making Huge Strides in Wireless Charging Tech

Since electric vehicles have become more mainstream, there’s been considerable talk about wireless charging. After all, you can place your phone on a pad and recharge it, so why not enjoy a similar level of convenience with your car? That’s exactly what WiTricity, which is based in Massachusetts, is working to achieve.

Before you write off wireless vehicle charging as just a pipe dream, know this: WiTricity recently announced it’s testing a new prototype in conjunction with Furukawa Electric, which makes car wiring harnesses and other components. Both 7.7 and 11 kW charging rates are included in the testing, which if all goes well, could change how you get around. A car would automatically recharge while sitting in a parking spot or garage, no plugging in required.

If that’s not enough of an endorsement, consider that Yura Corp. in South Korea, which is a Tier 1 supplier, recently announced it will license WiTricity wireless charging tech. With that, the company could create and sell wireless EV charging solutions, both in South Korea and abroad. Toyota owns stock in Yura, potentially helping to spread the tech quickly.

WiTricity has a similar licensing agreement with VIE in China. Earlier this year, WiTricity purchased IP assets and tech from Qualcomm Halo, making the former competitor a minority shareholder. It’s a strategic consolidation of power, no pun intended.

As WiTricity creates a robust network of allies, this all means one thing: it can better promote wireless charging tech for cars throughout the world.

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