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Toyota to Limit Production of 4Runner TRD Pro

(Credit: © Toyota)

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Toyota to Limit Production of 4Runner TRD Pro

2015 TRD Pro Toyota 4Runner

2015 TRD Pro Toyota 4Runner (Credit: © Toyota)

If you are a Toyota off-road fanboy and you want to get your hands on the new 4Runner TRD Pro, you better be quick with your purchasing action. Toyota recently announced that production for the 2015 model year will be limited to just 3,400 units. Considering that few SUVs can actually make their way down a deeply rutted dirt pathway, (ahem! Nissan Pathfinder) the 4Runner TRD Pro will likely be popular. Exactly how much the highly capable Toyota SUV will set you back hasn’t been announced yet, but that information should be coming soon considering the model launches this fall.

What makes the Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro so special? While it might seem that the vehicle is all flash and no substance, it actually has the goods to deliver on any trail. For starters, it’s based on the 4Runner Trail model, which already comes with a locking rear differential, a multiterrain system, and crawl control. TRD tacks on higher-capacity Billstein shocks that allows another inch of wheel travel for all four wheels. Those combine with Eibach springs and a lifted front suspension.

Some people are complaining because TRD did nothing to the 4Runners’ 4.0-liter V6 engine or the five-speed automatic transmission. While the performance division could have extracted more power or played with the gearing ratios to make them even more off-road oriented, they aren’t exactly AMG, which is notorious for making incredibly insane versions of production cars. Considering that TRD offers such performance merchandise for Scion models like floor mats, valve stem caps, and shifter knobs, a heavily revised suspension setup isn’t half bad. Speaking of shifter knobs and floor mats, the 4Runner TRD Pro comes with both, along with black seats and red stitching.

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