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Toyota Planning Performance Push

(Credit: Toyota )

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Toyota Planning Performance Push

While right now you still may not think of Toyota as a performance brand, the Japanese automaker is working overtime to change that. After Mazda has abandoned Mazdaspeed and Nissan has pretty much left NISMO to shrivel, Toyota has plans to make a lot of TRD and GRMN performance versions of every model in its lineup.

Yep, every single Toyota model.

At least, if you believe the Toyota Great Britain Twitter account, which made that announcement recently, that’s what will happen. Now, it’s possible that’s just for the Great Britain market, but it’s not very likely.

So you can get all excited for a hot version of the Sienna minivan and Yaris subcompact. Don’t forget the Prius C. We already will get a Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro model and TRD versions of the Avalon and Camry, so why not just shot for the moon, Toyota? Performance should be for the masses, at least people who care about it, and some of us have to settle for more practical vehicles because of life.

Nobody with any sense believes a Sienna TRD model would be anything like driving an 86 coupe, but it could be more entertaining than what you get now. Toyota smartly realizes some people want more excitement. Ten years ago, nobody would’ve guessed it would be Toyota saving us from commuting boredom. It’s a strange world we live in.

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