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The Toyota Supra to Debut in 2018 With a Heavy Dose of BMW

(Credit: © Toyota)

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The Toyota Supra to Debut in 2018 With a Heavy Dose of BMW

Toyota FT-1 Concept by Mcall's Motorworks

Toyota FT-1 Concept by Mcall’s Motorworks (Credit: © Toyota)

Well, the cat finally managed to slip its way out of the bag and caused all sorts of ruckus, as a leak out of Germany has confirmed that the Toyota Supra will debut in 2018. As we all expected, the new Supra will be one-half of the partnership between Toyota and BMW, and the other half will be the next-generation Z4. What’s odd about this partnership is just how much of the Supra will be German.

According to the leaks, which Car and Driver dug up, the new Supra will have an inline six-cylinder engine from BMW – likely a 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo. However, that’s not all das Germans will bring to the partnership; BMW will also be in charge of developing the majority of the platform for the two sports cars. Really, who would you rather see develop a sports car chassis and engine, BMW or Toyota?

Now, what is Toyota great at that BMW would love to have in its hands? Cheap hybrid technology of course. Toyota will give BMW access to its decades of hybrid research in the gas-electric realm, giving BMW the potential to seize the hybrid luxury-car market. Lest we forget, Toyota also brings truckloads of cash to the party too.

From the looks of things, the engine and underpinnings appear to be where the similarities end for the Z4 and Supra. Toyota will develop its own body for its sports car, which will pull heavily from the FT-1 concept, while BMW will develop a four-cylinder engine (possibly a hybrid) that is exclusive to the Z4. Fortunately, it appears that we won’t be looking at a redo of the Toyota-Subaru team up, which consisted of identical cars with different badges.

We’ll bring you additional details as they become available.

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