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The Ford C-Max is Dying and Nobody Cares

(Credit: Ford)

Fuel Efficiency

The Ford C-Max is Dying and Nobody Cares

The Ford C-Max, a car you’re completely forgiven for not knowing about, will be phased out in just a few months. This shocking news comes via an impassioned report from Green Car Reports.

This funky five-door hybrid launched in 2013. Loved by strange individuals, it never really caught on, namely because Ford fudged the fuel economy numbers for it, twice. As a result, only a trickle of these cars rolled off dealer lots, likely meaning Ford took a loss on each one. If they’d been Teslas, most media would’ve declared the cars a roaring success. But Ford must live by the rules, and it’s cutting losses now.

Ford already has stopped making the Energi model, with the Hybrid wrapping up in the mid-2018. The Toyota Prius, Hyundai Ioniq, and other hybrid hatchbacks have sold well, showing that really the problem is just the C-Max.

Ford currently doesn’t have plans to phase out any other hybrid models. As Green Car Reports noted, the rumor is the Model E will replace the C-Max, and maybe it will bring a little panache with it.

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