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The Fiat 500 Riva Is An Ultra-Lux Subcompact

(Credit: Fiat)

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The Fiat 500 Riva Is An Ultra-Lux Subcompact

Fiat 500 Riva

Fiat 500 Riva (Credit: Fiat)

Normally the Fiat 500 falls into the cutsie and kinda weird category. Nobody who really knows cars would dare call it a luxury model, but the latest iteration of the subcompact definitely blurs the line.

The car company teamed up with Riva for a limited edition model. In case you’re not up-to-date on nautical knowledge, Riva makes luxury yachts, and it’s from Italy as well. The results of this strange combination is simply stunning.

As you can see in the video below, the Fiat 500 Riva comes with some styling flourishes like a shifter knob made out of solid mahogany. The dash is also made of mahogany, while maple inlays add a nice touch. A nice Sera Blue paint job and 16-inch alloy wheels are also included.

Before any Americans reading this hit up their local Fiat dealer for this model, know you won’t get it. Fiat is only releasing it in Europe.

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